15. Holi Man

I love to travel – and am determined to do much of it with family in tow – but sometimes it’s best to go solo. Today I’m enroute from Vancouver to Vrindavan, India for Holi Festival.   If you haven’t heard of it, you’ve probably seen pictures. A Hindu celebration, the “festival of colours” signifies … More 15. Holi Man

14. Dirty Laundry

You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. Last week, our little laneway house’s washing machine broke. Under normal circumstances, not a problem. After all, en-suite laundry is a luxury – one we lived without for years in Kitsilano – when our weekly, somewhat laborious pilgrimage to the neighbourhood laundromat was de rigueur. It … More 14. Dirty Laundry

13. Outrage

I’m outraged. You’re outraged. We’re all outraged. Why? Because we’re parents. Hey, these days, there’s plenty to be upset about. So why waste time and energy on stuff that doesn’t matter? Take, for example, this note a Texas daycare recently posted on its door, which a parent snapped and posted online, where it subsequently went … More 13. Outrage

12. High Times

Some people find God – I found the mountains. More accurately, I rediscovered them. A few years ago, as a way to curb weekend alcohol consumption, I started hiking on Sundays. For a long time, Saturday had been “go out” night, since I didn’t have my son after 5 p.m. The logic was that early … More 12. High Times

11. Just a Moment

Let’s hit pause. It seems we’ve reached that part of the movie where large groups gather around public televisions and just watch – collective mouths agape – as the world slowly descends into turmoil. My social streams have swelled into rivers of rage. Everybody’s shouting; and the stupidity is deafening. Suddenly, I’m yearning for cat … More 11. Just a Moment

9. Deuces Wild

Welcome to the apoocalypse. Yes, beautiful month-old daughter Dylan loves to blast dookies. And, while her high-frequency evacuation is reportedly perfectly normal, what seems unusual is how much we’re having to shell out for diapers. Partner Suzy’s godmother generously provided a six-month subscription to a diaper service. But cloth turned out to be a pain … More 9. Deuces Wild